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Your not special

Your fucking scum

18 July
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30 seconds over tokyo, a-team, allegiance, american nightmare, ammunition, bane, barfight, blacklisted, blue monday, boils, bones brigade, buried alive, carry on, cast aside, cats, champion, coalition, cologne, comeback kid, computers/games, copeland, count me out, crime in stereo, crunch time, damage, dead hearts, dead serious, deadby 23 records, death cab, death threat, desperate measures, die young, down to nothing, drugxtest, duckhunt, dumptruck, ensign, even stevens, ffts, final plan, final word, first blood, first step, fishing, floorpunch, forward to death, from ashes rise, frostbite, get real, go it alone, good food, good movies, good people, good shows, gorilla biscuits, guns up, have heart, hoods, in my eyes, integrity, internal affairs, iron boots, jaguarz, judge, kids like us, kill your idols, killing the dream, killing time, knife fight, know the score, krystal steal, lights out, lockin out records, look alive, low cool, mental, modern life is war, most precious blood, municipal waste, murder weapon, my cat puddles, my hotel year, negative approach, no warning, nothing personal, on our own, one up, our turn, our war, outbreak, over and out, panic, piebald, piece by piece, pitboss 2000, plan of attack, pride kills, protagonist, radical attack, rampage, right brigade, right on, righteous jams, ringworm, rise against, rnr, scraps and heart attacks, shark attack, shia labeouf, shoot to kill, showers, skare tactic, slapshot, sledge, some kind of hate, stand and fight, stretch armstrong, strike anywhere, striking distance, strongarm, suicide file, sworn in, tear it up, ten yard fight, terror, the distance, the gc5, the low budgets, the survivors, the trouble, the weapon, think i care, thong shots, thrash, thrice, time flies, verse, vinyl, violent minds, war movies, where eagles dare, with honor, worn thin, xfilesx, youth of today